First 10 Home Buyers Will Get a Free Water Tank!
First 10 Home Buyers Will Get a Free Water Tank!
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Valkyrie Estate Sale - How it Works

How It Works

  1. Choose the plot of land that best suits your needs. Phase One of the project offers two sizes: 396 m² and 450 m².
  2. Choose the house that best suits your family. It can be high-set or low-set, and there are 2-bed, 3-bed and 3-bed with ensuite available. If you need something larger or bespoke then this can be catered for this too.
  3. The friendly team at Hausples will contact you to discuss your options and confirm the price. If the price falls out of your budget then alternate options can be considered. The Hausples team can also direct you towards financial assistance, insurance options and add-ons such as gas installations and back-up power and water.
  4. Once all of your requirements have been established, your details will be passed onto experts in each area: land purchase, house purchase, building, finance etc. Hausples will work closely with you to ensure that the process is smooth and answer any questions that you may have.